Fowler Beds

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Options Available :
Semi  Motorized  Fowler  Beds :
Electrical and manual operations:

  • Only backrest operated electrically
  • Backrest and Leg Up electrically operated  with user friendly handset
  • Any non-motorized operation on separate screw mechanism provided with handle
    Electrical operation available either on actuator with manual override system OR actuator with battery back-up facility.

Manually  Operated  Fowler  Beds :
Manual Operations:

  • Backrest and leg up section operated on separate screw mechanism provided with handles
    Common  Features :      
  • Four section uniformly perforated mild steel CRCA sheet top
  • Calf section adjusted on ratchet mechanism
  • Top frame made from mild steel tubes
  • “H” type tubular legs fitted with rubber shoes
  • Four locations on bed frame for IV pole
  • Pretreated and powder coated finish
  • Supplied in SKD condition

Head and Foot boards :
Polymer head and foot boards / Stainless steel head and foot boards with Metal panels / Stainless steel head and foot boards with SS tubes

Bed dimensions :
Option 1:
Bed frame approx. dimension :  2080 mm L x 915 mm W x 600 mm H [82″L x 36″W] Overall approx. dimension (buffer-to-buffer) :  2180 mm L x 1015 mm W

Option 2:
Bed frame approx. dimension :  1980 mm L x 840 mm W x 600 mm H [78″L x 33″W] Overall approx. dimension (buffer-to-buffer) :  2080 mm L x 940 mm W
Bed frame dimension varies with Polymer railings

Optional  Accessories:

Polymer railings without degree indicator (set of four)

Collapsible railings with SS tubes and MS brackets (pair)

Swing away type SS tubesrailings (pair)

Four section 100 mm thick PU foam mattress cover with rexine

Pillow cover  with rexine

Telescopic IV pole with two hooks – SS

IV rod with two hooks – SS

Four heavy duty 125 mm dia castors, two with brake

Crib with Attachment

Chart Holder