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Dedicated to Those in Need

Faithcare Medicals distributes medical technology and equipment to various African countries with the goal of improving dire healthcare deficiencies. Founder and owner, Ncedziwe Faith Simelane Mabuza, started Faithcare Medicals with the goal of reaching out to less fortunate countries and providing them with cutting-edge medical supplies at affordable costs. With numerous qualifications and eleven years’ experience in business, Mabuza believes in empowering women and making her mark in the world.  

We work with investors to further our developments into a future with better and more efficient healthcare systems.

Our Mission

Faithcare Medicals’ main focus is to streamline healthcare facilities through the latest in medical innovations. These innovations will significantly improve and/or facilitate appropriate healthcare services with accurate diagnosis and treatment of any physiological ailment.

We are particularly dedicated to urbanizing rural areas that lack efficient personnel, specialists, and equipment to provide valuable healthcare services. With disease and poverty on the rise, rural residents need the appropriate medical attention and benefits that we provide. 

Our Vision

At Faithcare Medicals, we strive to connect innovative medical technology and healthcare facilities by procuring and distributing advanced medical devices and equipment to areas where they are currently unavailable. Following the procurement and distribution process, we support and maintain these devices and equipment too.

Faithcare Medicals intends on outsourcing these services by working with NGOs. Not only do we provide valuable products, but we also facilitate workshops for healthcare professionals and keep them up-to-date with the latest studies and findings in healthcare.

It’s important to us to provide medical waste management training, HIV and AIDS education, support, mentoring services, and more to the healthcare providers who also need to work with the equipment. We also keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest and greatest in medical technology to continue providing the best services in the industry.

With regards to pharmaceuticals, Faithcare Medicals procures current and modern molecules with fewer side effects – without interfering with its target use.

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